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Frank Owens, Ltd. Review: Build wealth through buying a home


Every individual in this world certainly needs a shelter in order to live and survive, and buying a house can be considered as an obligation for most people. However, due to not enough financial resources, some people can't buy their own house, but Frank Owens, Ltd. assures you that you can still build a home with renting or leasing.


Buying a house is apparently one of the largest expenses you or your family will purchase in your entire life. Indeed, it can be considered a gamble or a huge risk for some, but it is undeniable that it can also be a beneficial investment since houses can gain value in time.


It would be better to establish your personal worth or credit level in today's economic conditions since it can be an advantage to you. Buying a house and taking advantage of its benefits may not be the style of other people due to specific beliefs or qualms. Frank Owens Limited also found out that some individuals regard this undertaking as forced savings because of the regular monthly payments that can be equated into imaginary inputs into a virtual savings account.


Even a nation can also gain benefit from people buying their own houses. A study from Frank Owens, Ltd. claims that home mortgages have been used in the recent years to provide significant wealth to individuals who were engaged in the stock markets. With this, as well as residential fixed investment (RFI) and personal consumption expenditure, the residential housing can contribute to a nation's gross domestic product. RFI also consist of new building construction and improvements, while personal consumption expenditure encompasses the different housing services like gross rents paid. On top of that, RFI provides a measure for homebuilding and remodeling's contribution to the GDP. The average contribution of investment in homebuilding over the years has been 5% of the GDP, while housing services averaged from 12-13%.


Value your house, and build a home with your family members and make sure to create beautiful memories with them every day.

Frank Owens Contractors Review: Site Clearing Preparation

Site clearing is the first task of site preparation. The site must be cleared and in graded condition before starting any constructions works. Site clearing is the removal of obstacles that might hinder the construction process such as plants, trees, rocks or old infrastructures that must be demolished.



Here are some ways to manage the work and ensure the necessary safety and precautions for those involved during the process:

Land clearing permit


Land clearing permit is required for certain site clearing activities within the city. Necessary documentation and agreements must be established to ensure that proper control measures are taken to avoid all hazards and damage beyond the boundaries.


Workplace safety


Safety of workers and non-workers are utmost importance. Most accidents happen due to improper use of heavy equipments and explosives. Workers who have access to the site area must have a good understanding of safety measures.


Project boundaries


Construction boundary fencing is an advantage as it helps to protect your site from unwanted entries and to keep your equipment and materials safe. Fencing on the premises is essential to prevent injuries and ensure that all workers and visitors are aware of any dangerous hazards on site. Furthermore, by marking the perimeter of the construction, all works will be done within the limits set.


Removal of vegetation


Proper waste removal of existing native vegetation on the project area is important. All vegetation will be cleared which then be stockpiled and disposed of properly in accordance with the environmental regulations.


Whether the project is for an individual landowner or for a major commercial development, Frank Owens Contractors works closely with its clients to ensure that the objectives and requirements of the project are met.

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Looking for a long established utility service contractor providing a variety of public works including water mains and more? Frank Owens Limited Contractors will help you. Call us on 028 8076 0070

Frank Owens Limited Contractors: Potential Environmental Impacts


Site clearance and other ground works activities have potential environmental impacts which must be addressed even before any engineering planning is done. Evaluation of the overall ecological effects of clearing and removing vegetation or disturbing other natural features, such as creeks, springs or waterfalls, for the purpose of putting up structures requires thorough study and research to avoid fraud. Furthermore, even if detailed investigation is done, steps must also be taken to minimize any possible environmental impacts of the project on the locality and the general area where it is located.


Here are some of the potential ecological and environmental impacts which must be considered:


  1. Surface and groundwork contamination during construction


The release of such substances as oil, methane and other toxic chemicals used in any construction activity may affect the pH or the overall quality of the water and the soil of the immediate site as well as neighboring areas.


  1. Potential increase in water run-off into surrounding areas


Ground works and other clearing operations may divert or affect existing waterways such that more run-off might be diverted toward critical areas where residences may be affected or even result in such potential dangers, such as landslides or mudslides.


  1. Loss of habitats and flora or migration of fauna from the area


Noise during construction may disturb the feeding and sleeping patterns of fauna and clearing operations might directly lead to destruction of habitats for plants and insects and other animals, particularly mammals and birds. The worst result would be the complete loss of all plant and animal life because of lack of concern for environmental preservation, as most people did in the past.


  1. Pollution from surface water runoff during construction


Surface water runoff during construction may also pollute waterways as a result of clearing and construction activities. Rivers, streams and strings may carry loosened topsoil and even chemicals used in operating construction equipment, as well as debris from wastes or materials used during the construction, especially when proper disposal of such chemicals and wastes are not observed.


Concern for the environment requires meticulous study so as to conserve the benefits we derive from having a balanced ecology within human dwelling areas. Frank Owens Contractors has the experience and expertise needed to provide utility services, assuring landowners that sufficient care for the environment is achieved for the sake of future generations.